Track My Sex Life for Android keeps a record of your sex life (activities, frequency, places, partners and safety).

You can log on to see with whom you had sex with along with greater details about the experience and see your performance stats.

Track My Sex Life not only enhances your sexual life experience but also acts as a communicating media between you and your partner. Many couples find it difficult to talk about sex. Simply turn to Track My Sex Life, it will act as the communication channel between you and your companion.

Sex is indubitably fun. Track My Sex Life adds the extra zeal and ardor to your life.

Features included are:

  • Calendar to add your daily events.
  • Supports multiple events per day.
  • Supports multiple actions for one event.
  • Add your sex mates.
  • Add places where you had sex.
  • Day-to-day texts.
  • Add safety details.
  • Shows period of sex.
  • Score of your satisfaction level.
  • View elaborated statistics.
  • Set password for privacy.

The best part of Track My Sex Life is that you can use it even if you are married or single, man or woman, have one or more partners. So simply go for it, because it will be worth a try.

For privacy the text under the icon will say 'My Tracker'.

If you have any question about the application and usage, please email us at support@trackmysexlife.com